Arindam Mukherjee is a digital storyteller. Here is his short biography

- Deputy Editor - news, infographics and videos for

- Was the team leader for's news desk for evening breaking news and videos

- Created, wrote, edited and programmed news assets for India Today Digital

- More than 20 years of experience in digital news

- MA in Journalism with specialisation in advanced infographics from Indiana University

On a personal note, Arindam describes himself as -- non-stick, wrinkle-free and individually wrapped, and he finds these to be characteristics he likes in most situations, kitchenware, clothing, food and people.

An idealist stuck with a pragmatic chip on his shoulder, young at heart, and old at soul - he's drawn to the athletic by motivation, and the divine by inspiration. He tries to bottle light and heat through images and words... dispelling myths while creating new legends. Storytelling to make a living, and living stories to make a life. he sees the potential in all and the real in very few.