The hot-and-cool housing market is getting confusing. Take this week. One report shows existing home sales have slipped, while another shows sales of new homes hit a record last month. Are we, as many predict, nearing the end of the boom? And where do things stand now? The Daily Pulse tries to provide some clarity.

· Record New Home Sales
· Existing Home Sales Fall

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Track median sales prices for new and existing single-family homes over the past decade. Numbers are from December of each year.
Sources: Moody's, National Assoc. of Realtors, Bureau of Census
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So how can homes still go for a good price if the housing bubble pops? Some realtors say listing homes in a price range, rather than at a fixed asking cost, can generate more bids in a slow market. Others call it a marketing gimmick. How does it work? Story: "Range" Homes

11-29-05 14:12 EST